Consumer Paging Products

No credit check!  No contract!  No hassles!

Every new pager comes with the first year included FREE!

Your new pager also comes with a 30-day voice mail trial!

Renewing your service is easy -- by mail or by phone!

We are dedicated to full customer support -- if you ever have a problem with your pager, all you have to do is call us.  We will either repair or replace your pager at the lowest possible cost, as quickly as possible!


 Additional Options  

 Statewide Coverage

Local pagers have coverage in the region that corresponds with their area code.  Statewide Coverage can be added in order to receive pages in all three of the coverage areas in the state -- South, Central, and North Florida.  (This option incurs an additional charge.)


See a map of the coverage area here


 Voice Mail      

Enhance your paging service!  Voice mail lets callers hear your personalized greeting and leave you a voice message. (This option incurs an additional charge.)  We have two types of voice mail:



Holds 10 messages

30-second greeting and message size

24-hour message retention



Holds 20 messages

60-second greeting and message size

48-hour message retention

Voice Mail Instructions:

How To Log Into Your Mailbox

1. Dial your Voice Mail Number

2. Press "0" when you hear your greeting

3. Enter your Security Code

4. Follow key prompts to retrieve messages


How To Change Your Greeting

1. Log into your Mailbox

2. Press "11" to change Greeting

3. Press "30" to start recording

4. Press "1" to stop recording

5. Press "40" to play back recording


How To Play Numeric Messages

1. Log into your Mailbox

2. Press "14" to play back Numeric Messages

3. Follow key prompts


Security Code:

Usually the last four digits of the seven digit cap code found on the back of your pager and your pager package.